1. What is Shareable Academy?

Shareable Academy is the first Virtual Entrepreneurship Training and Consultancy Center in Northern Luzon

2. What training do we provide?

There are 2 programs
a) Skills Development and Enhancement Training Program (SDEP)
b) Continuing Professional Education (CPEP)

3. How many days are spent for training?

a) For SDEP, its 5-10 days
b) For CPEP, usually 1-2 days

4. Who are qualified to attend trainings?

1. Jobseekers
2. Stay-at-home parents
3. Students needing additional skills
4. Unemployed graduates
5. Barangay based out-of-schools youth
6. PWDs
7. Anyone who wants to earn online
8. Employed professionals who need to earn additional income online

5. What do trainees need to bring during training?

Shareable Academy is a bring/borrow your own service facility (BYOD)

Although we have computer sets for use, it is recommended to have your own device to use for the modules.

6. Is there wifi at the training center?

YES. But you may also bring your own.

7. What days and time are the training

M-F 9:30 AM- 4:30 PM
Sat-Sun 10:00 AM -5:00PM