People say Blogging is not for everyone. But for those who wanted to learn how to BLOG, VLOG or do some podcast, Shareable Academy is here to help.

People blog/vlog to express their opinions and their voices.
People blog/vlog to share their passions with their readers.
People blog/vlog to have an online recollection of their life and adventures, things that make them happy 
People blog/vlog to earn for a living
People blog/vlog to influence other people’s opinions or choices.
People blog/vlog to educate others
People blog/vlog to share their stories.

There are a hundred more reasons why people blog/vlog and we are pretty sure you have your own reason to.

Learn about blogging/vlogging/ podcasting and use it to your advantage. After the training, you will be able to:

1. Create your own blog/vlog and do an editorial calendar
2. Market it to your community
3. Learn how to monetize your blog/vlog
4. Market your own content to others and get paid
5. use tools, tips, techniques, secrets and strategies for Blogging / Vlogging
6. Start a podcast of your own
7. Grow your online community and engage productively with your audience.

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