The proliferation of fake news is a global problem. Even the most powerful corporations and governments are confronted by calls to do something about the problem.

Brands ( commercial and political) and businesses are not exempted from being victimized by fake news.

This seminar will define how fake news can
negatively impact a brand, divide societies and influence decision making processes.

Politics and businesses thrive on perception.

The seminar has been developed to teach you how to identify fake news stories and separate fictitious information from factual news. You’ll also learn how to control and prevent the spread of fake news, as well as how to respond in an effective manner to minimise the effects of fake news on your business and brand.

If you were a victim of fake news, what do you do? What legal measures can be used against people manufacturing and spreading fake news?

How can you stop it from destroying your reputation or you institution?

Vanj Padilla, community journalist since 1998, radio anchor since 2005 and digital influencer since 2009 shares with you how to spot and minimize the effects of fake news once it hits you. Be educated on how to effectively curb fake news and its negative effects both on your name, brand and business.

We can only accommodate 20 participants. Call us to reserve your slot (075) 600-0214 or 0917.789.4579.

Learning fee is only P999 with snacks, coffee and certificate.